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About this track

How are you and your colleagues leveraging your knowledge? How has your development process changed? Share your thoughts and experience using D8 in the real world in order to elevate the industry.

This track is focused on Drupal 8 development; the tools, patterns and challenges that surround developing applications at any scale.

Do you know the roadmap for Drupal 9? Tell us all about it :)

What to propose?

  • Defining and overcoming of high performance and large scale projects.
  • The evolving contrib landscape; what are the new standards and approaches for development? Have you worked on a project that inspired a contrib module? How did you mitigate the challenges of open-source within a closed organization?
  • How does your team ensure code quality and functionality?
  • Development approaches and challenges related to working with cutting edge tools, devices and API's.
  • Approaches to collaborative development, including acknowledging and addressing challenges
  • Ways to improve our development workflow, code and results
  • Drupal as a first-class component in cooperation with other web technologies
  • Leveraging Drupal as a content store and flexible workflow solution for multi-channel consumption
  • How can we invigorate new generations of developers and make Drupal an exciting technology to learn?
  • Anything innovate, interesting, exciting or useful that we haven't listed!
  • Case study: Jointly-presented case study on a Drupal 8 project that impacted the client's business: including perspectives, challenges, and lessons learned from both the client and implementers

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