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Remote UX: Working from Home and Beyond


When you think of remote work, do you imagine working from home, or working from the beach? Both are possible, but not without challenges!

Today, working remotely is easier than ever before. And with COVID-19 affecting businesses around the world, it's become even more critical to be able to do our jobs away from the office. With a high-speed connection and a powerful laptop, we can work from anywhere in the world... but in reality it's not that simple. 

We have 12 years experience on the topic, having worked remotely in Canada, USA, Mexico & Costa Rica. While it's gotten easier over the years, there are still some important factors to consider. And if you're doing UX research and design, and collaborating with other designers and developers, there are some particular challenges to keep in mind.

In this session we will share some of our experiences, provide real-world tips and tricks, and let you know how we've had to adapt our UX design processes to be successful while working from home, and while working far away from home. 



UI/UX Design & Frontend



Proposed by:

Crispin Bailey / crispinbailey
Patricia Rodriguez / patriciarodriguez

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