What you should know about containers


Containers are in everybody's lips, if you search through any tech conference session proposal list, they are full of talks about Docker and Containers. Lull in conversation at a networking event? Ask how someone is using containers! Unfortunately, these talks are only about how to specifically connect Containers and Drupal, how to run them on massive scale or how to setup them in a secure way.

I believe thought when it comes to containers, we are missing the forest for the trees. The excitement around the topic is great, but today barely anyone is actually using containers in production. For such a hot button topic this should not be the case, except that containers can also simply be scary. I personally believe that only a few people really understand in great detail how they work and the rest are nodding, smiling, and faking it until they make it. 

In this session I would like to give any interested person (business, backend, frontend, design, consultant) an explanation and overview of containerization:

  • What’s the big deal anyway? 
    What makes containers so exciting and why they are seen as a revolution in computing
  • What’s the potential?
    What new possibilities containers open up (for Drupal, for local Development, for automated Testing)
  • What’s the hold up?
    Why people are still hesitant on running containers in Production
  • What’s next? 
    Where containers will bring us in the future