My team is new to Drupal, what should I know? A BoK on Drupal development


When facing a new Drupal project sometimes the team or part of the team may not be as exposed to the Drupal development concepts, workflows, and best practices; this can be challenging at the beginning when establishing your development process.

The reality is that not every team in charge of a brand new Drupal project has experience developing and following Drupal best practices and community or industry recommendations; this talks will provide a BOK (Body of Knowledge) that could help guide the development efforts of these teams by providing a basic guide of concepts that should lead you project development and workflow.

Working with different clients I have found this to be an important first step to establish a common Body of Knowledge or ground to move forward with a project, avoid unhappy surprises in the future, and just guide the whole team to follow best practices and find the team identity as they develop their Drupal project.

This talk will not deal with the specific details for these concepts, but primarily is a list and brief explanation of what are they and why are they needed, the goal is to have an overview of the different knowledge that will be present in most Drupal projects, to understand the way the Drupal project moves, the best practices and guide the development efforts for new teams as they give shape not only to their Drupal project but also to their development, design and project management interpretation.

In this talk we, together with the audience when possible, will talk about:

  • Code management
  • Design guiding principles
  • Project management
  • Project functionality design