What is Drupal Camp?

DrupalCamp Costa Rica web event is the country's largest Web Development. Consisting of 1-day of workshops; two days of sessions, keynotes and much networking. We expect more than 400 participants talking about Drupal, web development, Symfony, HTML5, RWD, workflow and more.

Important Dates

  • May 17
    Sessions Proposals Starts.
  • July 04
    Sessions Proposals Finishes.
  • August 03
    Drupal Camp Workshops.
  • August 04
    Drupal Camp Sessions.
  • August 05
    Drupal Camp Sessions.

About the organization

DrupalCamp Costa Rica is a non-profit event organized by the Drupal Community Costa Rica, which is made up of local people and businesses. The aim of this event is to support and spread the Drupal open source project and join the community of users and developers.

This is the 6th Camp to be held in the country, where hundreds of people learn about Drupal, we drink coffee, share ideas, do networking and eventually we drink some beers. It's the perfect excuse to talk about code, design and open technologies.