Session Tracks

Tracks are a collection of sessions sorted by topic which span in experience level from beginner to advanced. Sessions will range in time with a majority of talks being 60-minutes.

If you are interested in submitting a session proposal, please read below to determine the appropriate track and make sure to read up on what that track is looking for tailor your submission to fit that.

Coding and development

With Drupal 8 more than a year old, how are you and your colleagues leveraging your knowledge? How has your development process changed? Share your thoughts and experience using D8 in the real world in order to elevate the industry.

This track is focused on Drupal 8 development; the tools, patterns and challenges that surround developing applications at any scale.

Suggested topics:

  • Defining and overcoming of high performance and large scale projects.
  • The evolving contrib landscape; what are the new standards and approaches for development? Have you worked on a project that inspired a contrib module? How did you mitigate the challenges of open-source within a closed organization?
  • How does your team ensure code quality and functionality?
  • Development approaches and challenges related to working with cutting edge tools, devices and API's.
  • Approaches to collaborative development, including acknowledging and addressing challenges
  • Ways to improve our development workflow, code and results
  • Drupal as a first-class component in cooperation with other web technologies
  • Leveraging Drupal as a content store and flexible workflow solution for multi-channel consumption
  • How can we invigorate new generations of developers and make Drupal an exciting technology to learn?
  • Anything innovate, interesting, exciting or useful that we haven't listed!
  • Case study: Jointly-presented case study on a Drupal 8 project that impacted the client's business: including perspectives, challenges, and lessons learned from both the client and implementers


Now a days to think of development with no Javascript is unheard of, any project uses it, and sometimes there's an abuse of the different tools available on the Javascript eco-system.

Therefore we'd like to get speakers that would talk to us about their experiences integrating libraries or Javascript frameworks that help improve the User Experience (Ux) in projects where Drupal is somehow involved.

Suggested topics:

  • Javascript Fremwork integration, such as Angular, ReactJs, Vue, etc
  • Javascript programming good practices
  • Introduction and Integration with NodeJs
  • Integration with tsk runners such as, gulp, grunt, webpack, etc
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Introduction to data representation, i.e with D3

Design, UX & FrontEnd

We are seeking sessions that align with the following:

  • Discovery and definition processes
  • Content strategy
  • Case studies
  • Tools for the solution of specific interaction problems
  • Work methodologies between design and development teams
  • Creation of design systems(style guides, style tiles, software tools, etc)
  • Frontend frameworks implementation vs vainilla implementation
  • Frontend/backend parallel development methodologies, using scaffolding tools, static site generators and other to accelerate development
  • Drupal 8 frontend

Business and Case Studies

This track is for people looking for ideas and suggestions about implementing Drupal in a successful way. We expect the sessions to show us how to innovate and differentiate the way to implement solutions for the clients, so that we can learn how Drupal can increase your business value.

Suggested topics are:

  • Migrations to Drupal from other platforms
  • D6, D7 migrations to D8?
  • Teamwork and how did the methodology contribute to the success of the implementation
  • ¡Numbers! ¿How did Drupal impact your organization after its implementation?