Hotels in Liberia:

These are some hotels near the venue. 

If you plan on calling from outside Costa Rica, make sure you add the country code 506.

Hotel Boyeros, Phone number: 2666-0722

Hotel El Sitio, Phone number: 2666-1211

Hotel La Siesta, Phone number: 2666-0606

Hotel El Bramadero, Phone number: 2666-0371

Hotel Wilson Liberia, Phone number: 2666-4222

Hotel Liberia, Phone number: 2666-0161

Hotel La Riviera, Phone number: 2666-1450

Hotel Tempisque, Phone number: 2665-0200

Hotel Los Angeles, Phone number: 2665-5900

Other alternatives

You can find Airbnbs in the area near the venue.

Find Airbnbs in Liberia.